i Pong Now for Mac and Apple TV


A simple Pong emulator for Android, Apple Mac, iPhone and Apple TV


Pong is one of the earliest arcade video games. It is a table tennis sports game featuring simple two-dimensional graphics.


Available on the Mac App Store
Available on the Mac App Store


Available on the Apple TV Store
Available on the Apple TV Store


Available on the Apple TV Store
Available for Apple iPhone


   Available for Android
Available for Android

My Ip Now for MAC v1.1.5

This utility displays all network interfaces in the Mac with ip addresses, MAC addresses and other useful informations.

Touch bar supported.

Includes for every interface:
IPv4 and IPv6 address
Broadcast address
MAC address
Bytes received
Bytes sent

and also:
DNS address
Mac uptime
Internet Ip

OSx Screen


Available on the Mac App Store
Available on the Mac App Store

Microsoft Desktop Bridge: come utilizzare il Desktop App Converter – Comandi operativi

Comandi ed operazioni effettive da eseguire per pubblicare un’app Windows Desktop su Microsoft Windows Store con il Desktop App Converter (DAC) di Microsoft
Attenzione: occorre utilizzare Windows 10 con installato l’Anniversary Update App da pubblicare: MyIpNow Percorso di lavoro: c:\dev Dopo aver prodotto il programma MyIpNow.exe

Eseguire i comandi all'interno di una shell dos o Powershell con diritti di administrator

Scaricare il tool Desktop App Converter dallo store di Microsoft ovvero qui

Passi in successione da compiere:

  • CREAZIONE del pacchetto di “installazione”.exe o .msi

Usare ad esempio l’utility iExpress.exe di Windows (sono C:\Windows\System32) per la generazione, a partire dal  programma MyIpNow.exe, del file MyIpNowSetup.exe (ovvero il pacchetto di installazione)

  • CONVERSIONE da pacchetto di installazione Windows (file .exe oppure  .msi) a file .appx:

Desktopappconverter -installer “c:\dev\MyIpNowSetup.exe” -InstallerArguments “/T:%cd% /C” -destination “C:\dev” -AppExecutable “c:\dev\My Ip Now.exe” -packagename “<Packagename>” -AppId MyIpNow -Publisher “CN=5xx73E16-xB7E-4FE6-BC51-7730AF0xxxxx” -Version -PackageArch x64 -Sign -MakeAppx -LogFile conv.log

  • FIRMARE il pacchetto .appx generato:

cd c:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\x64

.\signtool.exe sign -f c:\dev\myipnow\auto-generated.pfx -fd SHA256 -p 123496 c:\dev\myipnow\myipnow.appx


Sistemare alcuni dettagli come per esempio le ICONE del file AppManifest.xml, aggiungere assets 150×150 e 310×150 … ecc.

  • RIGENERAZIONE file .appx

Usare i comandi

cd c:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\x64

.\makeappx pack -d “C:\dev\MyIpNow\PackageFiles” -p “C:\dev\MyIpNow\MyIpNow.appx” /L

  • FIRMARE nuovamente il pacchetto .appx generato:

.\signtool.exe sign -f c:\dev\myipnow\auto-generated.pfx -fd SHA256 -p 123456 c:\dev\myipnow\myipnow.appx

  • PUBBLICAZIONE sullo store dell’app ottenuta tramite Windows Dev Center

Link utili:




Aggiornamento: con l’uscita dell’aggiornamento di Windows 10 (creator Update) anche il DAC si è aggiornato alla versione

Ecco le nuove caratteristiche:

• New Desktop Bridge Creator’s Update feature support – If your desktop app makes use of the new Desktop Bridge features now supported in the Windows 10 Creator’s update, the DAC will automatically register these features in your converted app package. Some of the new features include: Preview Handlers, Thumbnail Handlers, Property Handlers, Grouping files by their kind, Public out-of-proc COM server support, Firewall Rules and Use URL flags. If your desktop app makes use of the new features the DAC still produces a converted app package compatible with older versions of Windows. The added functionality will only show up when your converted app is running on the Creator’s Update (Build 15063) and later builds.

• Public out-of-proc server registration (Packaged COM) – In the Windows 10 Creator’s Update Desktop Bridge apps can now expose their COM extension points to external applications. When running the Desktop App Converter you can use the new -PublishCOMRegistrations flag to publish the public COM servers in your converted app package.

• Cleanup bug fix

• No-Installer conversion – If your app is installed using xcopy or you’re familiar with the changes your app’s installer makes to the system, you can run conversion without an installer by setting the -Installer parameter to the root directory of your app files. The -AppExecutable parameter is required in this case.


Find Out Ip app for iOS v1.1.8

This app shows information about your network connection (iOS version):

  • Wifi SSID
  • Wifi BSSID
  • Wifi Ip address
  • Wifi Default Gateway
  • 3G/4G internal Ip address
  • Wifi External Ip address
  • Vpn Ip address
  • Dns Address
  • Your host name
  • Bytes sent and received with 3g and Wifi connection
  • Infos about your device

Apple Watch supported.

iPhone Screen
Apple Watch screen


Disponibile su Apple app store