Space Fighter 2099

A new Arcade game.

Drive your own space fighter and Destroy all enemy spaceships.

With Space Fighter 2099, your mission is to destroy all enemy spaceships, up to the mother ship!

i Pong Now for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Apple TV

A simple Pong emulator for Android, Apple Mac, iPhone, Apple TV and Windows 10. 

Pong is one of the earliest arcade video games. It is a table tennis sports game featuring simple two-dimensional graphics.

Available on the Mac App Store
Available on the Mac App Store

Available on the Apple TV Store

Available on the Apple TV Store

My Ip Now for MAC

This utility displays all network interfaces in the Mac with ip addresses, MAC addresses and other useful informations.

Touch bar supported.

Includes for every interface:
IPv4 and IPv6 address
Broadcast address
MAC address
Bytes received
Bytes sent

and also:
DNS address
Mac uptime
Internet Ip


Available on the Mac App Store
Available on the Mac App Store


Find Out Ip app for iOS

This app shows information about your network connection (iOS version):



  • Wifi SSID
  • Wifi BSSID
  • Wifi Ip address
  • Wifi Default Gateway
  • 3G/4G internal Ip address
  • Wifi External Ip address
  • Vpn Ip address
  • Dns Address
  • Your host name
  • Bytes sent and received with 3g and Wifi connection
  • Infos about your device
  • A list of network interfaces

Apple Watch supported.

Disponibile su Apple app store